Saturday, 30 May 2009

Modern Technology!

I just managed not to laugh my head off, what you say about skype... so funny. is quite easy you know , maybe you will just need to pay attention to all the icons and study them kind of. The amazing thing about it is that it is free if you are calling someone on skype too.

Amara's website and blogging
Did you get my last email with questions on your website..I admire it,,, and it is so sweet with all those photos from our project.

Yes with this website thing, it is really a mine, just as you have said, you are never sure where to drop your feet. I have been reading everything for the past, hosting companies websites, how to do this and is crazy!
I thought of using Yahoo to host, as they have been there for a long time, and may not be shutting down out of the blues. But I was reading their reviews last night. They are messing about now. I laughed all through at the way(tone) people narrated their disappointments with Yahoo. They are losing clients by the hour, and in thousands....well according to this review- as you never know what is true and what is not, on the Internet

Well at the moment, I have narrowed it down to a company in Illinois called Webhosting pad. The major complaint of some clients is that they may charge you at random, but then if I always pay through pay pal (a third party), it should be OK- like that they will not have my billing information at all. They give a site builder software for free. The issue now is am I very sure I want to go with them?? I will try out the demo of this their software, to see how user friendly it is. Otherwise a guy here would take 200 Euros (double oops!!) to build it. But assuming I can cough up that to give him, it would mean phoning him up now and again (from Nigeria) for this and that- because I would know know anything about my site, as well as phoning up Webhosting pad, when something goes off the hook. I will see what I do, but I am glad I am narrowing things down to few options.

About blogging??? You know how Internet in Nigeria can be hit and miss sometimes. That kind of pressure can be annoying. I would just like to things once and for all (at least almost).

I have been paying a lot of attention to the blog recently, reading everything. I already wrote you earlier concerning the spelling of Chigozie's name [CORRECTED NOW]. Their are some more facts, which you have got not completely right/halfway correct...or not the full information etc etc, and some names that have not been spelt correctly. They should be correct in case somebody who is enlightened in any of those areas goes through the blog -I intend to direct father Okere, and a lot of other people to it,some academia.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rodas Okorocha Foundation (Kaduna)

Had another text from Amara saying that she was going to try and raise funds for the collaboration and was going make an application to the Rodas Okorocha Foundation in Kaduna.... hope it works as we surely need some more support for the ambition of the project.

Learnt yesterday that buying a different SIM (eg Tescos! this is not an advert, unless they would like to sponsor us of course!!!) could save me money on texting to Nigeria, much in the same way that Amara was using her three mobile phones and numerous SIMs to make cheaper calls depending on where she was phoning!

Now connected this blog to my website under the 'Research Section' which l think might be more useful and hopefully more people might comment. It is interesting though how many people might read a blog but not make a comment....have to say l am perhaps guilty of that myself!!!

'Wastelands', Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

Managed to get the installation 'Presence / Absence II' set up for the 'Wastelands' show in spite of a fractured foot, thanks to the help of David and Harry and it seemed to receive good reviews which was heartening - Dr Virginia Button emailed me to say that "your work really is the signature work of the show". However it was lovely to be part of a show that was all very interesting work.

I felt this work was more successful than at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton previously, because of the spacial relationship to the holes and the ratio of the ceiling to floor space. Everyone seemed to be convinced that it was not a false floor which was good. As usual the whole process of making was as, if not more, exciting than the finale.....better to travel than arrive as Oscar Wilde once said. I really enjoy the processes leading up to finished work as it is like not having a dogmatic point of view, it is open to further and potential ideas and not fixed in time, it could change.

The show is on until 17th.and 18th.May. My thanks too should go to the Newlyn Art Gallery and the University of Falmouth for their kind support.