Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rodas Okorocha Foundation (Kaduna)

Had another text from Amara saying that she was going to try and raise funds for the collaboration and was going make an application to the Rodas Okorocha Foundation in Kaduna.... hope it works as we surely need some more support for the ambition of the project.

Learnt yesterday that buying a different SIM (eg Tescos! this is not an advert, unless they would like to sponsor us of course!!!) could save me money on texting to Nigeria, much in the same way that Amara was using her three mobile phones and numerous SIMs to make cheaper calls depending on where she was phoning!

Now connected this blog to my website under the 'Research Section' which l think might be more useful and hopefully more people might comment. It is interesting though how many people might read a blog but not make a comment....have to say l am perhaps guilty of that myself!!!

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