Sunday, 3 May 2009

'Wastelands', Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

Managed to get the installation 'Presence / Absence II' set up for the 'Wastelands' show in spite of a fractured foot, thanks to the help of David and Harry and it seemed to receive good reviews which was heartening - Dr Virginia Button emailed me to say that "your work really is the signature work of the show". However it was lovely to be part of a show that was all very interesting work.

I felt this work was more successful than at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton previously, because of the spacial relationship to the holes and the ratio of the ceiling to floor space. Everyone seemed to be convinced that it was not a false floor which was good. As usual the whole process of making was as, if not more, exciting than the finale.....better to travel than arrive as Oscar Wilde once said. I really enjoy the processes leading up to finished work as it is like not having a dogmatic point of view, it is open to further and potential ideas and not fixed in time, it could change.

The show is on until 17th.and 18th.May. My thanks too should go to the Newlyn Art Gallery and the University of Falmouth for their kind support.

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