Monday, 29 June 2009

Recent email from Amara on an artist Residency in Norway


I am elated today! Well kind of relieved that it's working out. The Director here, has just continued today, his approval on the work so far, on an idea that I have.

There is no art gallery here, so this institution does not organize art exhibitions in this place, and hence the people in this city are not too keen on seeing art- according to them that's why there is no art gallery.
I thought of taking art to them then, to put it under and before their noses (I hope that is not so rude- well, I kind of do not care!) in very middle of their city centre. He said Ok, .... let us see sketches etc, etc.

It is community art, for me. I am collaborating with the shoe factory here, and working with material from the factory, as well as from a sewing outfit. They may not think so, but the three institutions are working together to make this art project.

Work has gone on someway, and so far so good. By tomorrow, we, well, -Nkd, not me- will seek approval from the municipality. To know what technical people will be needed, and the possibility (if), what harm the material will cause the grasses; what harm holes in the ground will cause the soil and the environment, and what harm the sight of the art will cause the moods of the people.. you can go on and on...

He thinks we should have the work up for two weeks.

Thank You, for listening,
I have to go- more to do on sketches and drafts, plan and photographs, against tomorrow. best as I can-, they've got to be convinced. It is a promise!

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