Saturday, 27 June 2009

Tales of the Unexpected

John and Sue Picton came to dinner recently and we got talking about human you do when tucking in to flesh! I was saying about how human sacrifice still seems to be practiced which they did not entirely deny, but he said that sometimes in a place where there are a lot of human skulls, they have often got there not through human ritual sacrifice but through war or some other natural disaster. This of course reaffirms the old research adage of not jumping to conclusions, or making assumptions, and providing evidence for what you say - unlike the current media, which always like to put a spin on events.

John also told me that whilst he was working in Yorubaland that one day he was told not to go out because they were going to kidnap people for human sacrifice....needless to say John went out and DID live to see the day!!!

I was told by locals in Igboland that they only chose LOCAL people and currently 'hunchbacks', so that would count foreigners out - unless of course they happen to be oil workers it seems but that would be for ransom and political attention one would assume!

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