Thursday, 29 January 2009

More of Father Okere's house

As it was not safe for me to go out alone so l found myself either in the house or a taxi a lot - the taxi acting like a mobile photographic 'hide'. The Father's house was built by an American lady called Edith, also Roman Catholic, who funded the project to assist the community. She visits from time to time, although now a little elderly. There are some quite glamourous photographs of her around in the upstairs sitting-room, which l later named the 'Ancester Room', as the huge empty chairs looked as if there should be people sitting in them, and looked to me quite strange. I made a video panning around this room both at night, using the 'nightshot' setting which gives it an erry feeling, and by day. The whole house has an odd sense of scale everything being larger than life, with a lot of the interior made of dark wood .....I began to feel it was like the Munster House in the Adams Family. It was very dramatic and l must say the 'skeleton' pinned to the wall up the staircase was a bit stunning on arrival! Halloween celebrations apparently!!!

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