Saturday, 31 January 2009

The number one Prayer Drink!

Before we went out into the field to visit the various Mbari houses we had to stock up on alcohol as a gift for the informants which was a schnapps called Seaman's, the number one prayer drink....we also had to give them an 'Envelope' ....which contained money on the whole 2000 naire the equivalent of £10, but this varied and was sometimes more if it was felt necessary. Here l was guided by the Reverend (especially when we visited his parish) and Amara. When you think about it is is a bit weird some stranger turning up to your house to ask you questions from our point of view!!!

In the wine shop where we got the schnapps I saw these bottles shaped like riffles! I wonder who these were popular with....fancy turning up to a party holding one of these!!!

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