Sunday, 1 February 2009

20.11.08 Modern Mbari

Today we met EVANS OSUCHUKWU who assisted Chike Anaikor with his research into Mbari and who is an artist who mainly carves. We visited the Arts Council again to see one of his large panels that he made of the goddess Ezeala (god of the land), the husband Odu and their son and he described to us all the symbolism in it.

Francis went with us and talks a hind leg off a donkey, so at one point l had to sit down on the ground.....but l was soon put right about the 'abomination' l had just committed! - as you must not sit on the ground or you will have to pay a fine to Ala. Blast, that means another chicken, goat or cow will bite the dust!!! I must watch where l put my arse in future!

We also see some other work by Evans, which also have stories attached to them, some of them traditional and others he has interpreted for himself.

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