Friday, 6 February 2009

5.12.08 CHIGOZIE

Chigozie was a little girl who had been brought back from one of the villages to start schooling in Lagos as at the age of ten she could neither read or write, even write her name, so Mrs Thomas took her under her motherly wing. After doing some writing exercises with the little girl and got her to do a drawing of me, she fell asleep on the carpet near me with her papers under her hands.

I plotted out on the map where all the smaller galleries were in and around Lagos and familiarised myself with some of the main areas. Still no electricity at 5.25 pm from the morning and no water either as it has to be pumped up from the bore hole. Have to flush the loo with the water from the barrel in the bathroom and getting the art of having a shower using the bucket!!!

Chigozie stayed asleep for some while, she must have been very tired. She is very sweet and calls me and Amara her aunties.

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