Friday, 6 February 2009

30.11.08 The Road to Nsukka

Started out on the road at 6am for Enugu, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, being our final destination.

We had a dodgy driver and car (beat up old Merc) which blared out gospel music in Igbo and also some in English quite a bit of the way. The car kept stalling at potholes - the driver was a mechanic! This photograph is the second time it conked out completely.....Amara here is looking like she backed the wrong horse!!!

The scenery as we passed was quite dense with trees, interspersed with drier more desert-like patches. Tarmac in between the potholes nearly all the way. Three police blocks at which we had to stop, but we were waved on luckily.

After some navigational difficulties, no signs and a few enforced stops we finally arrived at the University about 12 noon after 6 hours on the road.

Tonight we walked around the campus and talked to some postgraduate students who were preparing for their assessments for the next day.

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