Friday, 6 February 2009


This was the day l was to give my lecture about my work and the collaborative project that Amarachi l were currently engaged in.
The lecture (unsurprisingly now) was late starting, which was in part due to the electricity going off, but thanks to the Head of Department, Dr Godwin and Kingsley number two generator saved the day - after a bit of ad-libbing!!!

Most of the questions were concerning types of art, the fine art versus craft debate, and the differences and definitions between commercial art and conceptual art. Also how an artist survives eg. makes money from their practice. The issues that arise particularly in Africa were difficulties of developing an audience for art and patronage, self-survival and l was asked by a member of staff here what it was l would like to be remembered for if l died...what was my message? He picked up that l had a love for the natural world, the earth as a material, and the importance of this today in terms of our environment, which led on to issues of 'progress' and development. It would have been nice to have carried this discussion on into a series of seminars.

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